Before we begin

Back in 2015, I had a blog called Benches of Louth, about the street furniture in that Lincolnshire market town, and about me visiting each and every one of them and working to make a personal connection. The blog was part ramble around town, part reminiscence, part personal geography, part local history. It was part a way of saying goodbye to a place that I’d lived in or near for forty-odd years pretty consistently since not long after I was born.

In 2018 I compiled the blog into a book. I called it, unimaginatively enough, Benches of Louth. You can buy it here if you’re so minded. This was part a way of completing the project, and part a way to crystallise it, as the blog provider was going out of business. I don’t think I was to blame for that, but you never know.

Anyway, these days I live in Llangollen, which is in Denbighshire. That’s in north-east Wales.

And I got to thinking about what it might be like to replicate that original project, except in an environment where I don’t have any local connections myself, nor decades’ worth of memories and associations to pull from.

So I’m at it again.

A post from each bench in the town. Let’s not go daft, so I’m working on the assumption that I’ll put up a post a week from next week (week commencing 17th March ’19). Tuesdays, that’s a good day. Connections made, and things noticed. I daresay there’ll be coffees drunk and maybe a few conversations entered into. Something learned about my new home. A bit of local history read up on. And besides, the walk will do me good.

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